50/50 feeding guide

Many owners cannot feed 100% raw food, which is entirely understandable. In this case, there are several proactive steps you can take to improve a dry diet, such as adding kibble boosters or feeding 50% raw and 50% kibble. Here’s everything you need to know about feeding 50/50!

what is 50/50?

50/50 means that you are feeding 50% raw food and 50% kibble. This is a great step and makes sure that fresh foods are incorporated into the diet. This differs from kibble boosters as the raw portion is factored in for essential nutrients as it makes up more than 20% of the bowl. 50/50 is beneficial since it allows owners and their dogs to ease into the world of raw, save on costs, is more convenient, and less complicated than 100% raw. But it will still take time and effort to achieve.

feeding styles

There are a few ways to feed 50/50, depending on what works best for you. Some choose to feed one type of food in the morning and the other at night. For example, the dog would be 100% kibble in the morning and then 100% raw at night. In contrast, others choose to feed 50/50 within the bowl. For instance, the bowl would be 50% kibble and 50% raw.


"complete & balanced"

Unlike kibble boosters, feeding 50/50 means that the raw food is incorporated into essential nutrients. For this reason, the raw food (and kibble) must be “complete & balanced."


what type of raw food to feed

With the raw section, you can either choose to feed a premade or DIY raw. The raw portion will need to be “complete & balanced,” as mentioned above. If you are feeding a premade raw, ensure that it is “complete & balanced” and not simply a ratio grind. Here is a list of complete premade raw brands. If you do ratio grinds or DIY raw, ensure the food is balanced.

what type of kibble to feed

With dry food, feed the highest quality possible and always incorporate moisture. Here are some key points to look for in a kibble.

how much to feed

Rather than volume, you will want to feed based on calories (kcal) to feed the most accurate amount. Here is a calorie calculator for a general estimate on how much to feed (kibble + raw). Some math will be needed to figure out how much exactly to provide for each portion.

the math

For this example, Stormy will be used. Stormy is a 45lbs Heeler mix, moderate activity, spayed and has lower metabolism. She gets 600 calories per day.

prep work

Step 1: Figure out how many total calories are needed using this calculator.

Step 2: Divide total kcal by 2.

600kcal/2 = 300kcal for each portion

kibble portion

dog food.png

Step 3: Find the kcal/cup of the kibble you are feeding.

Step 4: Divide kcal per portion by kcal per cup of kibble

raw dog food.png

raw portion

Step 5: Find kcal per ounce or patty of raw food.

Step 6: Divide kcal per portion by kcal of raw food per ounce or patty.

For this example, Nature’s Logic Beef Formula will be used.


Step 1: 375kcal/cup

Step 2: 300/375 = .8 cups *feed ¾c for convenience

For this example, Bones & Co Beef Patties will be used. These are the same steps as the kibble with different numbers.


Step 1: 406kcal/raw patty kcal

Step 2: 300/406 = .8 *feed ¾ patty for ease

Feeding half & half is an excellent step that is easily achievable for anyone looking to incorporate more fresh foods but isn’t quite ready to 100% commit to raw. And remember, any amount of fresh food is better than none!