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About 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hi there, my name is Hahnbee Choi (최한비)! Let's start with how to pronounce my name. My name pronunciation is a never-ending battle, but it's easy (and essential!) to get right with some practice. Phonetically spelled: Hawn-bee Choy. I go by she/they pronouns.

Dogs and horses have always surrounded me since I was a child, and it has truly ignited my passion for ensuring animals have the best possible lives through their nutrition and overall well-being. My love for animals has fueled my fascination with science and the endless quest for knowledge.

I am certified in Advanced Canine Nutrition through CASI and am currently a full-time Biology student.


Stormy and I are located in Dallas, Texas, USA. Stormy is a 9-year-old Heeler mix. She was rescued off the streets of Texas when she was four months old and is the reason behind The Raw Storm!

Alongside being the top model here, Stormy has earned her CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, TKI, & TKA. She also enjoys Rally and obedience training and hunting for backyard rabbits.

When I started fresh feeding, I was overwhelmed and felt like I would never understand how to feed a raw food diet. That's why I hope you can come here to feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed. If I can do it, so can you! I also hope to bring more representation, diversity & inclusivity to the industry being a Queer Korean American. The Raw Storm was created out of passion and love, and I want to empower as many pet owners as possible to become the best health advocate for their pets.

This is a safe environment to share, make mistakes, learn, and explore all things fresh food. My only ask is to be prepared to unlearn, learn, and relearn, as science & life itself are ever-evolving subjects.

Thanks for reading & Always Keep Exploring!

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