Kibble Boosters
Kibble Boosters are a fantastic and easy way to add quality bioavailable nutrients and spice up mealtime. Whether for a puppy or a senior, kibble boosters are effortless to add and have a quality impact.
  1. Take your dog’s typical serving of kibble and remove 20% of it.

  2. Fill the bowl with a variety of kibble boosters & moisture. 

  3. Feed

Moisture: Adding in hydration is the most vital step! Since kibble is absent of pretty much all moisture, it's crucial to add hydration back in. Unlike humans, dogs are designed to gain water primarily from their food. Soaking the kibble 5-10 minutes before feeding can ensure that your dog stays adequately hydrated. You can soak it with raw goat milk, bone broth, or even warm water!

Kibble Booster Conversion Chart (Instagram Story) (1).png