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Animal Biome

“When I pause to reflect on where I was then and where I am now, I feel a sense of joy and a sigh of relief that I found my true self. I am operating in the best version of myself with my ultimate best friend, Stormy (my dog), and wouldn’t want it any other way. However, it was a hot mess and a half to get here, which makes me feel proud of how far we have come. I’m excited about where our journey will take us next as we continue to grow.” -Hahnbee


Dogs Naturally Magazine

Hahnbee Choi is the youngest certified graduate of the DNM nutrition courses and the founder of Gsdstormy, a platform dedicated to empowering pet owners to be the best possible health advocate for their pets! Hahnbee combines her love for animals and nutrition together to educate owners all around. She strives to grow her knowledge daily and share it with the world.



In this interview, you will find the most commonly asked questions about raw, but again if you want to know more we invite you to read her blog or reach out to her!

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It's A Dog's Life with Angela Ardolino

Caring about what your dog eats with Hahnbee Choi. At only 16 years old our guest knowledgeable beyond her years when it comes to pet nutrition. Hernando came across Hahnbee on social media and was taken aback by her wealth of knowledge. He knew right then and there she needed to be a guest on it’s a dog’s life. So today we talk about Hahnbee’s journey, though it’s short and still going, as well as what she plans on doing int he future to keep educating dog owners on caring about what your dog eats

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Raw Feeding Miami

Click "Learn More" to see all the articles written by Hahnbee Choi on the Raw Feeding Miami platform.

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Boundless Junior Agility Camp - Plugged In

Hahnbee Choi has lectured at the Plugged In Agility Junior Virtual Conference about various topics over nutrition to young agility handlers.