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  • Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

3 Raw-Friendly Toppl Recipes

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Stuffing toys are a fantastic source of both mental and physical enrichment. You can feed whole meals out of them or create fun little recipes. Here are 3 easy raw-friendly Toppl (or Kong) recipes!

Berry Sweet

*Any berries

*Plain yogurt - ensure that the yogurt is sugar/xylitol/flavor free

Blend or roughly chop berries, mix in with the yogurt, and freeze.

The Eggtastic

*1 egg

*Raw goat milk

*Freeze-dried treats

Combine the egg, goat milk, and freeze-dried treats and add the sludge into the toppl.

Something Fishy

*Can of sardines

*Raw goat milk

This recipe is stinky but great for picky eaters. Mash the sardines and raw goat milk together and stuff.

How To Increase Difficulty

Have a dog that can go through a toppl in seconds? Here are a few tips to make it last longer:

  1. Fill it to the brim: Fill whatever you are adding all the way to the top and really pack it down.

  2. Freeze: Freezing the toppl will increase its lifespan significantly and also make it less messy. When freezing, it can be helpful to place to Toppl in a Tupperware to keep your freezer clean.

  3. Stack: If you have a small and large toppl, you can connect like a puzzle to make it harder.

When increasing the difficulty, make sure to do so gradually and help them out if at any point they seem frustrated.

How To Stuff A Toppl

First-time stuffer? Here's a quick video to walk you through how to stuff a toppl with a raw meal.

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