• Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

Adding Life To The Bowl: Kibble Boosters

Updated: 12 hours ago

The majority of the world feeds kibble. And while the fresh food revolution is quickly spreading, they'll always be some that cannot feed 100% raw, which is completely respectable & understandable.

Thankfully, there are things as a health-conscious pet owner that one can do to better kibble, such as adding in Kibble Boosters!

Did you know that replacing 20% of dry foods with whole fresh foods is enough to make a huge difference? So much so that dogs a study by Purdue University showed that adding fresh vegetation to a processed diet helps prevent/slow the development of bladder cancer.

Kibble Boosters are super easy to incorporate into everyday meals and make eating exciting and nutritious. Here is a list of some easy additions to the bowl.


Kibble is absent of pretty much all moisture. Therefore, it is crucial to add hydration back in. Unlike humans, dogs are designed to gain water primarily from their food. Soaking the kibble 5-10 minutes before feeding can ensure that your dog stays adequately hydrated. You can soak it with raw goat milk, bone broth, or even warm water!

Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk can be found pretty much anywhere. Goat milk is filled with moisture, probiotics, digestive enzymes and has immense anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of my key staples for an upset tummy. But remember... these benefits deteriorate when pasteurized. Research has also found that goat milk aids the body in absorbing important nutrients from food.

Bone Broth

Filled with hydration, quality nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, and so much more. Here