• Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

Holiday Survival Guide

Updated: May 15

With the upcoming holiday season, there are so many things to look forward to: friends and family, presents, delicious food, and so much more. But there are certain things that we as responsible pet owners have to be cautious of. Here are some quick holiday tips for pulling you through this season.

#1: Holiday Themed Treats

Pumpkin and turkey-shaped dog treats look like scrumptious snacks for your dog to enjoy. But it's better to skip the carbo-load and go for something less processed. Many cute holiday-themed snacks for dogs contain ingredients that you try to avoid in fresh food diets.

Whole wheat flour, SUGAR, food dye, and more... None of these ingredients listed sound like anything you'd want to feed your dog. Think twice before reaching for what would cause the holiday weight and make some DIY dehydrated treats instead. Your dog will definitely enjoy a single ingredient treat or chew rather than a snack with no nutritional value.

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#2 Rawhides

Dogs chew. Whether they're puppies or full-grown, they chew. Because when they chew, endorphins are released, which reduces stress and stimulates the brain. But, make sure to give them the proper and nutritious chew to chomp on.

Rawhides are made from bleached, processed, chemically preserved, and poorly sourced ingredients. It undergoes a very extreme chemical process and has many dyes added to it to achieve a desired decorative look. When dogs consume rawhides, it is hardly digestible and close to giving glue to your dog, therefore, creating a severe blockage risk. Rodney Habib created a video showing how awful rawhides are and what goes into them.