• Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

Importance Of Enrichment In Raw Feeding

Updated: May 15

The main purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress, improve behavior, and increase the animal's overall well-being by providing physical and mental stimulants that allow the dog to perform species-appropriate behaviors such as digging, chewing foraging.

As fresh feeders, you want the absolute best for our dogs. And strive to make their lives all-around better and raise them to thrive in their life.

Enrichment is just another way to contribute to your dog's life positively! Here are some easy ways to incorporate enrichment activities into your dog's life.

#1 Raw Meaty Bones

Most raw feeders often find that they do not regularly brush their dog's teeth due to feeding raw edible bones.

This is because of the motion of tearing meat off of raw bones scrubs and floss the tartar and plaque off their teeth!

In addition, edible bones allow the dogs to chew, stimulates saliva enzymes, and prevents plaque build-up and gingivitis (gum disease).

Chewing on raw bones also provides your dogs with vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Edible bones are also a fantastic choice for teething puppies!

When feeding bones, it is always important to never leave your dog unattended. Any chew given should always be under supervision.

Recreational bones are not recommended. These are dense, non-edible bones such as knuckles, femurs, and ruminant legs since there is such a high chance of a tooth fracture. If you know that your dog is an extremely soft chewer, you may be able to feed these bones, but it's important to be aware of the risk. Rather than feeding, save recreational bones for bone broth! The bone marrow in recreational bones provides essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K2, omega-3s, omega-6s, and minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, boron, and manganese, which will add even more nutrients to the broth!

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#2 Puzzle, Mazes & Stuffing Toys

Puzzle, Maze & stuffing toys alleviate boredom (especially for puppies), provide some physical exercise, prevent anxiety, and help onset dementia in