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  • Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

Premade Raw | A Raw Feeder's Lifeline

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Premade raw puts the convenience in raw feeding and takes all the prep and work out. But with hundreds of brands on the market, it can be hard to know what is high-quality. Here are a few key components to look for in a premade raw plus some quality brands.


HPP stands for "High-Pressure Pasteurization" it's a cold pasteurization technique by which the raw food is introduced to a high level of isostatic pressure provided by water. Since this process pasteurizes the food, all the living bacteria, enzymes, and microorganisms are killed off, defeating feeding fresh.

Many HPP premade raw companies state, "the HPP process is 100% natural and recognized by the FDA and USDA as an anti-pathogen treatment". This process kills everything, not just pathogenic bacteria. Many companies use this method to comply with the FDA due to raw being "newer" and fear of bacteria.

There can be benefits to HPP, such as peace of mind when feeding or if you or the animal is immunocompromised, but if you choose to feed non-HPP vs. HPP, it's beneficial to feed the least unaltered food. To see if a food undergoes HPP, you can usually find the information on their website or email them asking about it. To learn more about HPP, click here.


It matters what the animal you are feeding ate! A company should prioritize the quality and sustainability of its meat. The company should list where in the world the meat was sourced. It is best to avoid foods that contain 4D meats meaning "dead, dying, diseased, or down." In contrast, brands with higher quality ingredients tend to spend their resources on the product versus marketing labels.

Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals

While synthetics have their place, replacing all nutrients with synthetics should be avoided. And when they are used, the most bioavailable version should be used. For example, Zinc Picolinate is the most bioavailable form following is Zinc Chelate. But Zinc Oxide has significantly lower bioavailability levels at 49.9% (40.9-57.7) but is most frequently used. Thankfully, several brands are out on the market that minimally uses synthetic supplements.

Quality Premade Brands



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Premade raw is easy and convenient to feed with the benefits of fresh food, making it especially beneficial for beginners or busy bees. Whether you are feeding for a short or long time, ensure to rotate brands and proteins to get a wide variety of nutrients and different formulations. As always, I hope you learn something new today & Always Keep Exploring!

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