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  • Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

Premade Raw or DIY Raw: Which to choose

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When choosing what type of raw food to feed, you’ll want to understand the differences between deciding what is best for you and your pup.

What is premade raw?

There are two types of premade raw, ratio premade grinds and complete and balanced. Ratio premade grinds are not complete. They usually include 80/10/10 ratios and require additional supplements to fulfill nutrient gaps. Complete premade raw is when the sourcing, formulating, and packaging for the raw food is done for you. This leaves much of the hard work out and makes feeding as easy as possible. But, not all premade brands are created equally. If relying on premade for an extended period, switch proteins and brands frequently.

What is DIY raw?

DIY raw is when you source, formulate, and prep the meals yourself. This method usually follows an 80/10/10 style of feeding. This takes time to assemble the food, source, and properly educate yourself.

What are the differences?

At a glance -

When premade is best

Premade will be the easiest choice if you have a busy lifestyle or are a beginner. You need less knowledge and effort to feed, especially if you feed a "complete and balanced" blend. Look for AAFCO or FEDIAF balanced premade to avoid adding additional supplements.

Premade Brands -

*The Bones & Co

*Small Batch

*Primal Pet Foods

*Raw Feeding Miami (ratio grind)

*Viva Raw (ratio grind)

*All Provide

*Rebel Raw

When DIY is best

If you are on a tight budget, have a highly active or big dog, or have a pet with many sensitivities/allergies, DIY raw will be the better choice. Raw can get expensive if you only buy novel proteins and/or have a large breed or highly active dog. And if you have a pet with many sensitivities/allergies, you may want to go the DIY route as you have complete control over what to avoid and what to include.

Premade being more convenient and DIY being more customizable, ultimately it is personal preference and what works best for you and your dog. I hope you learn something new today & Always Keep Exploring!

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