• Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

South Korea Trip Meal Prep

Updated: Apr 3

This Thursday, I am adventuring out to South Korea to see my family for 3 weeks. During this time, Stormy will be in the care of my parents.

Therefore, I had to prep all her meals and supplements in advance and have everything ready when I was gone. So I thought as my first official blog post, I would share how I prepped and got everything ready! I will miss her SO incredibly much but will be put at ease knowing she has her raw prepped meals ready to go!


I source my meat, bones, organs, and supplements from a wide variety of places... check here to see my all-time favorite!


I bought meal prep containers off Amazon to store the feasts for Stormy. She’s a very easy keeper and gains easily, so she gets a smaller meal than most people would expect...

I started by cutting and measuring the liver, then other secreting organs, bone, next muscle meat, and finally supplements. I found this order is the fastest way for me to prep. Since I will not be here and can not regulate exactly what she gets adding her supplements is easier than leaving instructions. 

My set up for the prep! I had more containers on the counters and floor too.

I started around 11 am putting on my first movie, Hercules. And ended around 3 pm finishing with Friends. 

I bought 2 large kitty litter pans from Walmart and put all the meat in them, which caught all the excess myoglobin leaked from the packages. In my opinion, this dramatically helped cut cleaning time in half. You can pour the excess myoglobin into ice cube trays and feed or toss it. I tossed due to not having enough freezer space. 

After 4 hours of blood, sweat, and TV, I was finally finished and packed all her prepped meals in the freezer.

I made 30 meals total and made the same meals for 5 days. So each row had had 5 identical meals. I stacked them all in different orders to not get the same meal twice in a row.