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  • Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

The Downsides of Raw Feeding

Fresh food has many positive aspects, but with the good also comes the bad. Here are a few downsides of raw feeding that perhaps you can resonate with.

1. No Freezer Space

Whether you share a freezer with your dog or have their own, there is never enough space! One freezer or three, there always seems to be a buying habit of never-ending raw meat, organs, and more amongst raw feeders. Cheap places to look for used freezers are Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and local neighborhood selling apps.

2. Time-Consuming

Fresh feeding takes time. Researching, purchasing meats, supplements, supplies, making the meal, cutting, cleaning up, etc. It takes time and effort to do it properly, so this feeding style may steer some pet parents away. And while DIY is the most cost-effective option, premade raw can save time and take the stress off of "balancing" meals.

3. Vet Trips

Unfortunately, not everyone has a pro-fresh feeding vet, which can sometimes lead to a stressful visit. If you have a vet against raw feeding, be honest with them and not lie about their diet or lifestyle. Try and understand their side and in the end, remember they want what is best for your pet.

4. Raw Feeding Facebook Groups

Many can relate to joining dozens of raw feeding Facebook groups when starting their raw feeding journey. In fact, in a recent study, "Approximately 50% of cat and dog-owning respondents either give or receive pet health advice through Facebook groups." And while they can be handy sometimes, they are usually a source of misinformation with no credible sources. For beginners especially, it's recommended to gather your information from reputable sources. When it comes to Facebook groups, one of the best is Raw Feeding University - RFU run by Perfectly Rawsome.

5. Traveling

If you ever have to go somewhere and leave your pets, you know the worry that their feeding routine will be messed up. While living in Korea, I had to leave my dogs in the States. They are on premade raw to ease feeding time. But if you are planning on taking a road trip or going camping, here are some ideas to take raw feeding on the go.

Fresh feeding comes with many benefits, and if you have the time and resources, you can make one of the best investments for your pet's longevity. But, with everything, there is a "dark" and bright side even to the fresh feeding world. I hope you learn something new today & Always Keep Exploring!

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