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  • Hahnbee Choi, Cert. CN

The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Raw Dog Food

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Traveling with raw food may seem like a challenge, but it can be done successfully with these tips & tricks! Traveling with raw food can be done in a variety of ways. Depending on where and how long you are traveling can affect how you feed raw.

Premade Raw

Premade raw is convenient for meals and can be easily stored in a cooler with ice. Feeding premade raw can be most beneficial for road trips as it can be easily packed. If you are traveling somewhere with holistic pet shops, you can buy more premade raw at your destination rather than bring the whole vacation's worth with you from the start. The downside about premade raw is it can be expensive depending on how big the dog is and how long you are going. For a list of quality premade raw brands, click here.


DIY raw is the most cost-effective way to travel with raw. If you meal plan, meal plan for the amount of time you plan to be away. This method will take the most time and space, especially depending on the containers you use for the prep. Additional supplements will also need to be brought if not added into the container. If you are camping and have no electricity or flying, this will not be the most feasible option.


Freeze-dried foods are on the expensive side, but it's shelf-stable, making them friendly for all types of traveling. Freeze-dried foods are dry, so ideally, the food should be rehydrated before being fed. Air-dried foods such as Ziwi Peak can be an option as well.

Supplies Needed + Tips!

If you choose to travel with raw food that needs to be frozen, here are some supplies you'll need and helpful tips.


While heavy-duty coolers are preferred, any plastic cooler will do. Ensure that it will be big enough to hold all raw food and a good amount of ice. A cooler with wheels makes transportation easy.


When packing the cooler with raw food, storing it in ziplock bags will allow the frozen food to keep cold as long as possible. It is most convenient if each meal is packed separately. Pack the food that will be fed last at the bottom and food that will be fed first on top as you fill the cooler, layer ice and the food. A combination of dry and normal ice will keep the food coldest if possible.

Purchasing At Your Destination

If you are traveling by plane or for convenience, you can always purchase your raw dog food at your destination. Scope out pet shops in the area that may sell premade or freeze-dried foods and call ahead to double-check. You may even be able to find specific ingredients to feed at the grocery store!


Ideally, when you reach your destination, the raw food should be placed in a freezer right away unless you are using freeze-dried. If you stay at a hotel, ensure there'll be enough room for the food. If there's not enough space, utilize the ice machine to keep the food cold in the cooler. If you are at a family/friend's house, ask them if they are comfortable with you using some freezer space to store the food.

Cleaning Supplies

It's a smart idea to bring convenient cleaning supplies such as gloves, paper plates, paper towels, and a non-toxic cleaning spray. However, depending on where and how far you are going, you may not need to pack some items.

Traveling with raw can be a bit stressful, but as long as you pack prepared, you'll be able to enjoy adventuring with your dog and feeding fresh. I hope you learned something new today & Always Keep Exploring!

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