raw feeding tools

When you're entering the raw feeding world, it can be a bit hectic and overwhelming seeing all the equipment you need! With raw feeding, there are a few essential tools required to make processing meals, cleanup, and overall efficiency much smoother.


An obvious essential! Learn more about what knives are most helpful and what to look for here.

kitchen shears

Shears can be helpful and easier to use for specific meat cuts. The Kitchen Aid Shears are the most efficient both for use and cost.


Scales are needed to measure out serving sizes and to prevent overfeeding. Digital Scales are easy to use and cheap. Make sure to purchase a scale that has both metric systems and imperial.

cutting board

It is recommended to have a separate cutting board specifically for raw feeding for safety measures. Bamboo cutting boards are non-toxic & easy to clean. Other commonly used materials are plastic and wood.

meat bucket

Meat buckets are helpful when defrosting meat in the fridge as it catches any leaking myoglobin. Cat litter pans are the perfect size to slide into a fridge shelf and big enough to thaw a good amount of meat at one time.


Aprons ensure that your clothes stay myoglobin-free as you are prepping. Many times there will be spillage of liquids that can quickly get on you.


Gloves are handy, especially when dealing with smellier items such as tripe and fish. They are also helpful for those who are sensitive to textures or dressing & gutting whole prey.

cut resistant gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves are especially helpful for those who meal prep for weeks in advance as it calls for many hours of rigorous cutting and ensures all of your fingers stay intact!

ziplock bags

Although not the most environmentally friendly, Ziplock bags often store leftover meat in a one-time use sanitary way.

meal prep containers

Prep containers are another method to store meat and prepped meals that are much more environmentally friendly. Beware of frozen meal prep containers, as they will crack if dropped!

Many of these items are found in the typical household, but it can be convenient and sanitary to have separate raw feeding equipment. With these supplies, you are now equipped with the tools you need to conquer every part of raw feeding!