The Basics

What is the raw diet?

The raw pet food diet consists of raw muscle meat, organs, bone, and supplements. The raw diet allows the animal to be at optimal nutritional health and thrive off of fresh whole foods.


What are the benefits?

Improved Digestion

Unfortunately, although kibble is convenient, it is not created with the dog’s health and wellness in mind. As carnivores, dogs, and cats, digestion systems’ are much shorter and designed to thrive on raw meat and bones. A study by BCM Veterinary Research showed that dogs fed a raw diet had a more diverse gut flora than kibble-fed dogs. Having a wide array of microbes in the gut makes the microbiome more capable and resilient, which means it can function better.


Dental Hygiene

Since the raw diet is absent of filler carbs, there are no starchy carbs in the diet which encourages the growth of plaque and tartar. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show stages of gum disease by age 2. Feeding whole edible bone, along with chunks of meat, acts as a natural toothbrush to scrape plaque and tartar off.


Skin & Coat

Better and proper nutrition means a shinier and healthier coat along with healthy skin. Many owners report that their dog's allergies subsided when put on a raw diet from the absence of filler carbs and proper nutrition. The University of Helsinki DogRisk research program showed that diet and the environment directly impacted atopic dermatitis (environmental allergies) in adult dogs. They found that a raw diet significantly decreased the chances of allergies as an adult.


Smaller Waste

There is less filler in the dog’s diet, and less waste will be excreted. Raw food is better suited for carnivores which means the nutrients are more bioavailable. You will notice smaller, harder, less smelly poos as proper digestion can occur.



With a DIY raw food diet, you have control of everything that goes into your pet’s bowl. This means this diet is highly customizable to your dog’s individual needs.


Feeding a raw diet gives your pet its most biological and species-appropriate diet. Like how we humans feel our best when we eat real fresh foods, our furry friends do best on fresh too! Even if you cannot feed 100% raw, any fresh foods are better than none. Adding Kibble Boosters is a great middle point if you are uncomfortable or ready to provide completely fresh.